Pisan June
June is the month in which the most important events of the city are focused
The feast of the patron Saint Ranieri takes place on June 17th with the Palio and the Historical Regatta.
The Luminaria and Saint Ranieri
On June 16th, at night, over 100,000 candles are placed in little glass lantern  and hung on wooden frames  modeled in order to enhance the shape of palaces, churches and towers on the Arno river banks. A unique and amazing sight.
The game of the bridge
On the last Saturday or Sunday of June at night the game of the bridge, a traditional exhibition in Pisa, will be performed. The two parts of the city, Tramontana and Mezzogiorno, will defy on the Ponte di Mezzo in a battle for supremacy.
Initially, a procession of 700 persons dressed in Spanish style of '500, will parade along the Arno riversides amid the enthusiasm of Pisan citizens and the admiration of the tourists. After that the  six fights follow.
The origins of the game are still shrouded in mystery: it might find its roots in Greece,  where the Pisei probably arrived from, some claim it was introduced by the Romans and others state that it dates back to the Middle Ages…
Pisan calendar and Pisan New Year
It was a special calendar in which the year started on 25th March, even before Julius Caesar fixed the 1st January.
It was abolished in 1749 by the Grand Duke Francis of Lorraine but there is still the tradition of celebrating the New Year with several Pisan cultural and convivial initiatives along with historical courses served in the restaurants of the city.
Today, as yesterday, on March 25th at noon  a ray of sunlight pierces through a round window of  the nave of the Duomo and hits a marble egg on a shelf placed on the pillar next to the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano.
Several exhibitions are hosted in different museums: Royal Palace, Blu Palace, San Matteo Museum, Graphic’s Museum in Lanfranchi Palace, SM Exhibition Centre
Haring’s modern mural art
Haring (1958-1990), American artist known all over the world, met by chance a student from Pisa in New York and decided to make a mural of 180 square meters based on the theme of Harmony and Peace.
Each character represents a different aspect of the world and is ultimately a hymn to life.

The Theatre of Silence
It takes place each year on July 13th  and it was inspired by an idea of Andrea Bocelli
The Graves of  Terricciola
These ancient Etruscan graves are worth a visit.
They are more than 12, and each one is different from the others,  they had been used in the past as cellars as they were dug into the tuff. Now they have been restored and brought back
to all their former splendour.

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